Membership Card

Our Membership Card is a folding card with space inside for stamps.

Why the stamps?

For the Hong Kong Reds loyalty scheme.

Every member will receive a stamp each time they attend Sports Bar for a game.

Stamps will also be awarded each time a member plays for our 11-a-side team, takes part in a Supporters Club charity event or any other event the Club organises for which attendance is voluntary.

The member who accumulates the most stamps over the course of each season will be named the Hong Kong Reds Supporter Of The Year!

Quite the accolade!

Furthermore, in the event of oversubscription for Anfield Tickets, LFC events, Legends visits etc, priority will always be given to those members with the most stamps.

So, there you go.

Attendance has its benefits.

Membership Cards are available to collect on any match night at Sports Bar.

Membership Cards will not be sent to members via the post. We are a Supporters Club and Supporters Club members will receive their Supporters Club card when they are supporting!

Sign up online or at Sports Bar on any match night so you can start collecting your stamps!