“By reaching out through kindness, ImpactHK seeks to transform the lives of the homeless – one life at a time.”

ImpactHK is the nominated charity of the Hong Kong Reds.

ImpactHK’s goal is to provide the homeless with a connection to friends, society and a safe and comfortable home. While getting the homeless off the streets and settled into employment and their own homes is the ultimate objective, this is a long and painful journey for the individuals involved. ImpactHK seeks to provide a stepping stone that is filled with love, kindness and opportunity to help these individuals. They hope to provide a rehabilitative support programme that is totally holistic in its approach, offering: counselling, financial advice, mentorship, nutritional advice, physical activity, language learning and job opportunities.

We hope to help them.

All money raised by the Hong Kong Reds is donated directly to ImpactHK.

Join us today, help us help the homeless in Hong Kong and demonstrate that kindness really does matter.